Amd’s Pc Market Share Decreases, Intel Surges, Gaining 23% Market Share in PCs While AMD Experiences 5% Decline

        Intel has been on a roll lately. The semiconductor giant has managed to gain significant market share in the PC processor market, surging 23% over the past year. Amds Pc Market Share Decreases Meanwhile, its rival AMD has stumbled, experiencing a 5% decline in market share during the same period. This reversal of fortunes for the two competitors has been swift and dramatic.

Intel’s Momentum Continues, Further Expanding Market Share

        Just a couple years ago, Intel was struggling. Several high-profile security flaws like Spectre and Meltdown had damaged its reputation. Manufacturing delays also left Intel short of supply to meet demand. This opened the door for AMD to gain market share with its well-received Ryzen and EPYC processors. But now the tide has turned back in Intel’s favor. Intel’s comeback can be attributed to several factors:

  • Improved Manufacturing Capacity – Intel has ironed out its production issues and can steadily churn out chips at high volumes again. This has allowed supply to catch up with demand.
  • Competitive New Products – Intel has introduced new processor lines like its 12th Gen Core CPUs that can compete strongly on performance, efficiency and features. Reviews have been positive.
  • Aggressive Pricing – To regain market share, Intel has been aggressive on pricing and discounts for PC manufacturers. This makes Intel CPUs very appealing in terms of value.
  • Enterprise Market Traction – Intel’s Xeon server processors have been regaining traction against AMD’s EPYC chips, especially at the high end. Intel still dominates enterprise data centers.

        In recent quarters, these moves have paid off for Intel. The company now holds 81% unit share in the desktop CPU market, up from 58% just two years ago. For mobile processors, Intel has surged to 84% unit share, reversing the gains AMD 7 vs i7 had made. Intel has also grown share in the server chip space.

         Across the whole PC processor market, Intel boasts roughly 23% higher market share than it did last year. The company is firing on all cylinders and executing strongly under new CEO Pat Gel singer. Also Its turnaround strategy seems to be working.

AMD Faces Setback, Witnessing a 5% Decline in Market Share

        Meanwhile, it’s been a difficult stretch for AMD. After posting massive gains against Intel over the past several years, AMD is now backpedaling and losing market share. While AMD’s desktop processor share has slipped from 42% down to just 19% as Intel recaptures its dominant position. For mobile, AMD is down from 20% share to around 16%. Its server share has also dipped slightly.


This reversal can be attributed to a few key factors:

  • Supply Constraints: AMD’s manufacturing partners like TSMC are running at max capacity. This has limited AMD’s ability to meet demand, letting Intel fill the gaps.
  • Few Major Product Launches: AMD hasn’t introduced any particularly groundbreaking new processors recently. Its product lineup has remained fairly static.
  • Pricing Challenges: With lower volumes and higher costs, it’s harder for AMD to beat or match Intel’s aggressive pricing. Value-conscious buyers are picking Intel.
  • Data Center Competition: Intel has leveraged its incumbency and financial incentives to defend its server market position from AMD’s EPYC onslaught.

        Overall, AMD’s market share across PCs and servers is down around 5% year-over-year by most estimates. This is certainly a disappointment and setback for the company. Amds Pc Market Share Decreases, After posting huge share gains, AMD is now losing ground and letting Intel off the ropes.

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 AMD Share Market

  However, it’s not all doom and gloom for AMD. The company is still executing well technologically and producing some of the highest performing chips available. It just needs to bolster its manufacturing capacity and supply. Future product releases on new processes like 5nm could help AMD reaccelerate its growth. But for now, Intel is back in charge and has regained its dominance in the processor market.

        AMD will need to tweak its strategies and execute flawlessly to avoid ceding any more ground. The semiconductor landscape remains competitive, and Intel’s surge shows that momentum can shift quickly in this high-stakes battle for market share. Both companies are hungry for the lead as the PC market evolves. While Consumers ultimately stand to benefit from the heated competition between these two computing giants.

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