What is Mechanical Keyboard India?

          A mechanical keyboard is a high-performance keyboard that uses mechanical switches underneath each key. Mechanical keyboards have seen a surge in popularity among tech enthusiasts and gamers in India over the last few years.  the different types of mechanical switches, the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard, and some of the best mechanical keyboards available in India. Whether you’re a programmer, gamer or just someone who types a lot, a mechanical keyboard can greatly improve your typing experience and productivity.

Types of Mechanical Keyboard

        There are several types of mechanical keyboard switches, each with their own unique feel, noise level, and operating force. The four most common mechanical switch types are:

Wired mechanical keyboard

Cherry MX Switches

          Cherry MX switches are manufactured by the German company Cherry and are the most common switch type used in mechanical keyboards. There are several different Cherry MX switches:

  • Cherry MX Red – Linear 45g operating force. No tactile bump or audible click. Popular for gaming due to fast, smooth keypress.
  • Cherry MX Blue – Clicky 60g operating force. Tactile bump and audible click. Excellent for typing.
  • Cherry MX Brown – Tactile 45g operating force. Tactile bump but no click. Good middle ground for gaming and typing.
  • Cherry MX Black – Linear 60g operating force. No tactile bump or audible click. Stiffer than Red switches.

Kailh Switches

        Kailh switches are Cherry MX clones manufactured in China. They aim to mimic the properties of Cherry MX at a lower price point. Some popular Kailh switch types include:

  • Kailh Red – Linear 45g operating force just like Cherry MX Red. Good for gaming.
  • Kailh Brown – Tactile 45g operating force similar to Cherry MX Brown. Balance of gaming and typing.

Gateron Switches

         Gateron is another MX clone switch manufactured in China. They are smoother and require less force than Cherry switches. Popular Gateron switches include:

  • Gateron Red – Extremely smooth linear Red switch good for gaming.
  • Gateron Brown – Smooth tactile Brown switch balanced for gaming and typing.

Topre Switches

         Topre switches have a unique rubber dome design rather than a mechanical spring. They have a smooth, tactile feel. More expensive than other switch types but preferred by some typists.

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Use of Mechanical Keyboard

         Now that we’ve looked at some popular switch types, let’s discuss the benefits of using a mechanical keyboard and who they are best suited for:

For Programmers & Writers

          Many programmers, writers and others who spend a large portion of their day typing greatly enjoy using mechanical keyboards. The tactile feedback, durability and performance of mechanical switches helps improve typing speed, accuracy and reduces fatigue over long typing sessions. Popular switch choices are Blues, Browns and Topre.

For Gamers

         Mechanical keyboards have become very popular with gamers over the last decade. The consistent, durable key switches allow for precise control and the ability to press multiple keys simultaneously. The tactile or clicky feedback also makes it easier to execute complex keystrokes. Red, Brown and Black switches are preferred by most gamers.

For Data Entry & Office Use

          Mechanical keyboards can benefit anyone who uses a Computer keyboard extensively. The natural, solid feel of mechanical key presses can help boost productivity and comfort when entering data or typing documents. Cherry MX Browns or Kailh Browns provide a good tactile feel without being too loud for office use.

For Enthusiasts & Customization

          Keyboard enthusiasts love customizing and modding their mechanical keyboards with custom keycap sets, programmable layers, lighting effects and more. The durability and standard layouts of most mechanical keyboards makes them ideal for customization. Switch choice comes down to personal preference.

How does work Mechanical Keyboard

         Now let’s take a look at how mechanical keyboards work under the hood and what makes them different from traditional membrane keyboards:

Individual Mechanical Switches

          The defining characteristic of a mechanical keyboard is that each key has its own self-contained switch underneath. This allows for great tactile feedback and a clean, consistent press each time a key is struck. Popular switch types include Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron and Topre.

Spring-Loaded Switch Design

           Cherry MX style switches have a spring-loaded design. When you press a key, you are compressing the spring which provides resistance. When the spring is fully compressed, it completes the circuit and sends the keypress signal to the computer. The spring provides a smooth, consistent feel.

Tactile & Clicky Feedback

          Many mechanical keys provide tactile or audible feedback that you can both feel and hear as you type. Tactile switches like Cherry MX Browns have a small bump when actuated. Clicky switches like Cherry MX Blues have a distinct click sound. This feedback allows you to confirm every keypress.

N-Key Rollover

         Mechanical keyboards have n-key rollover which allows multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously and have every keypress correctly register with the computer. This is critical for advanced gaming control combos and using keyboard shortcuts.

High Durability

           Quality mechanical switches are rated for 50-100 million keystrokes. This makes them extremely durable compared to membrane keyboards. This durability allows mechanical keyboards to withstand years of rigorous gaming or typing.

Customizable and Repairable

          Most mechanical keyboards use a standard layout that allows keycaps to be easily swapped out and customized based on personal preference. Individual switches can also be easily replaced if one happens to fail without replacing the whole keyboard.

Which Keyboard is better for Gaming

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for gaming, you’ll want to consider the following criteria:

  • Switch Type – Red, Brown and Black switches are preferred for gaming due to their fast, linear action. Stay away from heavy tactile or clicky switches.
  • Response Time – Keys with less travel distance and actuation force results in faster response time which is critical in games.
  • Key Rollover – Ensure the keyboard has 6-key or full n-key rollover to avoid ghosting issues in games.
  • Backlighting – Backlit keys help with visibility in low light gaming sessions. RGB lighting offers customizable effects.
  • Ergonomics – Look for a compact, tenkeyless design without a num pad to maximize hand positioning. Wrist rests help avoid fatigue.
  • Build Quality – A durable, rigid keyboard ensures it can withstand intense gaming usage over years of play. Braided cables prevent fraying.


        Mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing and gaming experience compared to traditional membrane keyboards. The tactile feedback, durability and performance make them an excellent choice for programmers, gamers, writers and anyone who uses a keyboard extensively.

        Switch choice comes down to personal preference with linear Red switches being popular for gaming and tactile Brown or Clicky Blue switches preferred for typing. Leading gaming-focused mechanical keyboards offer fast response times, quality key rollover and customizable RGB backlighting effects.

            While mechanical keyboards have a higher upfront cost than membrane keyboards, their long-term durability and improved user experience make them a worthwhile investment that can last for years of productive typing and intense gaming sessions.

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Mechanical Keyboard India

  • What is the difference between a keyboard and a mechanical keyboard?
    The main difference is that each key on a mechanical keyboard has its own individual switch underneath. Membrane keyboards have a layer of plastic membrane sheet underneath the keys. The mechanical switches provide superior tactile feedback, durability and performance compared to membrane keyboards.
  • What is a mechanical keyboard used for?
    Mechanical keyboards are most popular with gamers, programmers, writers or anyone else who spends a lot of time typing. The responsive keys allow for faster, more accurate typing and the tactile feedback helps avoid errors and fatigue during long typing sessions.
  • Are mechanical keyboards better?
    In general, mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience due to their durability, tactile feedback and overall performance. They allow for faster, more accurate typing which can improve productivity. The individual mechanical switches are also rated for 50-100 million keystrokes compared to 5-10 million on membrane keyboards.
  • How do I know if my keyboard is mechanical?
    Check for individual switches under each keycap. Each key should have its own self-contained switch rather than a spongy rubber membrane sheet under all keys. Mechanical keyboards also have a very solid, responsive feel when keys are pressed versus the mushy feel of membrane boards.
  • What are the disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard?
    The main disadvantages are the higher cost compared to membrane keyboards and the loud clicking noise certain mechanical switches make. However, many mechanical keyboards now have dampening to reduce noise levels. The cost is justified for most by the superior longevity, performance and typing experience


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