Assembled Desktop Computer – Explanation Overall

        Getting a new computer can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many options and specifications to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One approach that gives you maximum customization and value is choosing an assembled desktop computer. Assembled PCs allow you to select each individual component to perfectly match your needs and budget. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of assembled desktop computers, from how they work to their many benefits. Read on to learn everything you need to know to decide if an assembled PC is right for you!

Assembled Desktop Computer – Definition and Explanation

        An assembled desktop computer is a PC that is custom built from individual components chosen and put together by the consumer. Rather than purchasing a pre-built machine, the user selects each piece of hardware such as the motherboard, processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, power supply, and case. These parts are then assembled to create a fully functional computer system.

        The process of assembling a desktop PC allows for an extremely customized machine optimized for the user’s particular needs. With pre-built computers, you are limited to the configurations offered by the manufacturer. However, building your own system allows you to hand-pick components that provide the right computing power, storage, and features for how you plan to use the computer.

        For example, if you plan to use your computer primarily for gaming pc for GTA 5, you can customize it with a high-end video card and processor well-suited for smooth gameplay. If you’ll mainly use it for browsing the web and office tasks, you may opt for more budget-friendly components. The ability to choose the exact parts that fit your computing requirements is the major benefit of assembling your own desktop.

Reasons Assembly of Desktop Computer (Hasons)

        One excellent option for assembling a customized desktop PC is to have it built for you by a computer store like Hasons. They have experts who can help select compatible components and then professionally assemble the computer for you. Here are some of the major benefits of using Hasons:

  • Customization: By working with a Hasons sales representative, you can make sure each component is carefully chosen to meet your specific needs and budget. Pre-built computers often cut corners on certain parts to save on costs. With Hasons, you get exactly what you want.
  • Quality Assurance: Hasons computer builders are highly trained to properly assemble each piece of hardware for maximum stability and performance. All connections and installations are carefully done to avoid any defects. They often provide warranties on their assembly workmanship.
  • Cost Savings: Believe it or not, having Hasons assemble your system can cost less than a comparable pre-built machine. This is because you aren’t paying for unnecessary parts you don’t want or overpriced branding. Hasons passes those savings directly on to you.
  • Convenience: Pick your hardware, then let Hasons handle the complex assembly process for you. Their experts make sure your system posts and functions flawlessly right out of the box.

         If you want a computer fine-tuned for your needs without having to build it yourself, letting the pros at Hasons assemble it can be a wise choice.

Various Options Available in Desktop Computer

         One of the biggest advantages of choosing an assembled desktop is the wide range of hardware options available. Depending on your computing needs and budget, you can equip your system with components ranging from basic to extremely high-end. Here are some of the most common tiers of hardware you’ll encounter when selecting parts for an assembled PC:

I3 Processor Desktops for Basic Internet Browsing and Data Recording


  • Intel Core i3 processors provide good mainstream performance for basic tasks like web browsing, email, document editing, and simple data entry.
  • Integrated graphics are usually sufficient unless you plan to do intensive gaming or video editing.
  • 8GB of RAM is recommended for smooth multi-tasking performance.
  • A 256GB solid state drive (SSD) allows fast boot times and app launches.
  • Small form factor cases offer compact footprints perfect for limited desk space.
  • These affordable desktops are ideal for home office use, student work, and household needs.

I5 Processor Desktops for Office Use and Mid Sized Softwares

  • Intel Core i5 desktop computer CPUs deliver fast speeds for office work, accounting software, photo editing, mainstream gaming, and media creation.
  • A dedicated GPU like an NVIDIA GTX 1060 provides extra graphics power for games and HD video production.
  • 16GB of RAM allows keeping multiple programs and browser tabs open simultaneously.
  • A 512GB SSD offers speedy storage for applications and files while 1TB hard drives provide expanded capacity.
  • Mid-size tower cases offer room for expansion and air flow.
  • i5 based rigs are great for small businesses, graphic design, and performance minded home computing.

I7 Processor Desktop for Gaming and High End Editing Softwares

  • Intel Core I7 desktop computer processors offer maximum speed and performance perfect for high-end gaming, intensive multimedia projects, engineering applications, complex data analysis and more.
  • High-end discrete graphics cards like the RTX 3080 provide extremely powerful. Also smooth graphics for today’s most demanding games at high resolutions and settings.
  • 32GB or more of RAM lets you seamlessly run multiple demanding programs with no slowdowns.
  • 1TB and larger SSDs give you fast access to tons of games, media files, or other data. Additional hard drives can provide expanded cheap storage.

         As you can see, assembled computers provide a spectrum of options to equip your desktop with the right level of performance and capacity to match how you plan to use your computer.

Benefits of Assembled Desktop Computer

         Building your Assembled Desktop Computer from individually selected components provides some unique advantages that can make it the best choice over buying a pre-configured system:

         Total Customization – Hand pick the case, motherboard, CPU, RAM, drives, video card, power supply, computer  cooling, and other parts based on your ideal specs and budget. Get just what you need.

         Higher Quality Components – Pre-Builts often skimp on certain parts like power supplies, motherboards, and cooling to cut costs. DIY gives you complete control over quality.

        Cost Savings – Carefully choosing sales and discounts on each part can help lower the total price versus comparable pre-built PCs. Less money wasted on unwanted features.

        Easy Upgrading – With assembled systems, you can swap out the CPU, GPU, drives, RAM, or other components as needed. Proprietary designs of pre-builts limit upgradability.

        Performance Optimization – Tweaking overclocking and cooling provides performance gains not possible in factory rigs. Get the most out of your hardware.

        Educational – Learn intimate details about how computer components work together by building your own. Great for tech enthusiasts.

        The ability to hand-craft a PC tailored specifically for your computing needs makes assembling your own desktop an extremely flexible and valuable approach.

Uses of Configured Desktop Computer

         One of the best aspects of assembled desktop computers is how versatile they are. A system can be configured for a wide variety of uses, environments, and users. Here are some examples of how tailored desktops fit different computing needs:

  • Home Office Productivity – An affordable Intel i3 config with SSD, decent GPU, and 16GB RAM creates a speedy PC for home office work, accounting, web browsing. Also basic home computing needs for families.
  • Small Business Workstations – Intel i5 or i7 builds with lots of RAM, robust GPUs, and large SSDs provide performance for business applications, multitasking, and office productivity.
  • Creative Media Editing – Desktops with powerful multicore Intel processors, massive RAM, and Nvidia GeForce dedicated graphics are perfect powerhouses for video editing, animation, graphic design and podcasting.
  • Software Development – Large SSDs, lots of RAM, multiple monitors, and the latest Intel CPUs give programmers the smooth compiling and multitasking abilities needed for rapid development.
  • Hardcore Gaming – Overclockable i7 or i9 processors, top-end graphics cards like the RTX 3090, customizable cooling and cases create gaming monsters ready for Ultra graphics and high FPS.
  • Scientific Computing – For scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, workstation-level Xeon CPUs, maximum RAM, multiple GPUs, and optimized cooling provide number crunching powerhouses.


         As you can see, choosing an assembled desktop computer gives you customization options and hardware quality unavailable in pre-built systems. Carefully selecting each component allows you to perfectly match performance, capacity, and budget to your unique computing needs. Whether you are a home user, gamer, creative professional or business owner, an assembled PC is a smart approach. Take your time, do your research, and choose the right parts for an awesome computer experience.

         Just specify your needs and budget. They take care of the rest providing a high-quality, warranty backed computer ready for action. Visit their website at to get a quote on your ideal assembled desktop PC today.

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